Monthly Archives: October 2013

How brave we are!

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Today Sally came to Wiggins class with some of her special friends. We had a great time and found out lots of new information about all sorts of creatures.

Think about which animal was your favourite and why. Was it the enormous tarantula? How about the corn snake? Perhaps it was the tortoise?

I was so proud of all the children for touching and even holding the animals. Have a look at the photographs and show your grown ups at home. Do you think they would have been so brave?

Over the holiday, try to find out some facts about the animals we met and draw some pictures. I would love to see your sketches.

Have a great half term break.

Mrs Haigh

A special visitor

Today we had a real treat with a visit from Lincoln Noel!

After “hot seating”  him and working out what he does for a living, we were treated to our very own concert. He opened the piano up in the hall so we could watch how it works as his fingers raced up and down the keys. We had a bit of a boogie as he took requests for tunes like Eastenders and Peppa Pig!

The children impressed him so much that he has promised to come back and visit again!

I wonder what we will ask him to play next time!

Mrs Haigh

Monkeying Around!

Today we welcomed two new additions to our class….Brave and Scared Monkey! They will be around to help remind us how to make our handwriting beautiful. Remember that they are quite shy so we must be careful not to frighten them!

Perhaps you could explain to your grown ups at home about the tree where they live.

Mrs Haigh