Monthly Archives: January 2014

What a week!


It has been lovely getting back to school after the Christmas break and catching up with everyone’s news. We have started our new theme too…Back to the Future! In Wiggins Class we are focusing our work around dinosaurs. Today we were palaeontologists digging out fossils that had been buried deep underground! It was great fun pretending to be professors and doctors and we allĀ got into role and had a great, but messy, time. We are still a long way from uncovering all the fossils but we are a patient lot!

Well done to the children for earning their 100 square reward this week. A Horrid Henry DVD, some chocolate fingers and a bottle of juice made for a very enjoyable twenty minutes. Keep up the good work and we will have another treat before you know it.

Why not make some dinosaur pictures at home or invent your own dinosaur? I would love to see them.

Mrs Haigh