A fabulous first week back!

This week has gone in a blink. The children have worked incredibly hard and have completed their 100 square again. They really are a fantastic class!

We had some brilliant news from Mrs Botterill in our school office too. She banked a grand total of £701.98 for our Philippines appeal. Wiggins class organised the charity collection and I hope feel very proud of themselves for such a fantastic total. We were congratulated at school and Dyson Class made us some wonderful cards to say “well done.”

We are entering the final week of “Back to the Future” and looking forward to starting a new  theme. Watch this space for updates!

Mrs Haigh

2 thoughts on “A fabulous first week back!

  1. Dear mrs Haigh
    Can I just say the week has gone Quick and £701.98 is a fantastic total and it has been 100% hard work to the pupils of simon de Senlis primary school for raising the grand total and I hope the Philippines save our soul has helped lol
    Jp here’s a knock knock joke: knock knock who’s there? doctor doctor who? Ha ha you just said it lol
    P:s I have a cold but hopefully I might be back at school tomorrow.

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