Our Visit to the Guildhall

Today the children from the SU visited the Guildhall and had a fascinating tour of both the inside and outside of the building by Kate. We were told about the story behind many of the pictures carved in the stonework, including the Great Fire of Northampton and the creation of Northampton School for Boys.

We explored the Great Hall, which some of the children likened to that in Elsinore Castle which we studied when learning about Hamlet. We found a painting of Simon de Senlis and heard about how important he was in the history of our town.

A mixture of excitement and nerves kicked in when we took part in a courtroom role play and had to visit the cells in the basement of the Guildhall!

It was a great morning which included sitting in the Mayor’s seat, looking at a sword and a mace and learning about the fascinating history of Northampton.

I would like to challenge the children to show their family and friends something they noticed on the outside of the building the next time they pass it in town.

Mrs Haigh


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