Monthly Archives: July 2018

Working hard!

What fabulous learning this morning in Wiggins Class. The children showed how much they had mastered their number families and number bonds by using Numicon and then Hit the Button! They challenged themselves to beat their score and try and speed up their recall skills. There were whoops and cheers as they got quicker and as their scores went up. This is a great game to use through the summer holidays to keep their skills up!

Our Synagogue Visit

This morning Wiggins Class visited the synagogue in Northampton to help us learn more about Judaism. We tried to read prayers written in Hebrew, played a game to see who could find the most Stars of David and some of us dressed in traditional clothes worn in the synagogue. Mike and Daniel met us there and were fabulous at teaching the children all about the religion and answering the questions that some of the children asked. We learned some new words and found out that you must never drop a Torah scroll or else you have to fast for seven days!

A fabulous residential

I just wanted to say what a wonderful time was had by all at Grendon. The children did many new and exciting activities and rose to the challenge so well. Being blindfolded to complete the obstacle course on the night line activity was a little scary for some but most of them soon got into their stride and enjoyed it. Archery was brilliant and took place in some welcome shade. They used real arrows with many of them hitting the target and Blue even scoring a bulls-eye! I won’t mention the fact that Emma beat both myself and Mrs Dumont!

We played a lot of football and games of hide and seek in the walled garden. Myself, Mrs Whitehouse and Mrs Dumont took a step back at times to marvel in the children’s ability to solve problems, play together without adult support and congratulate others on their achievements. We were very proud of them and it was a privilege to be with them.

I hope they all had a decent sleep last night, I have to admit to feeling a little more human than I did on return to school yesterday!

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.

Mrs Haigh


What a busy afternoon we have had. We were sent out on a mystery tour of the grounds armed with a map and not much else. I had no idea how fabulous the children’s map reading skills were. They worked very well together finding the points on the map and completing the challenge. A tea of gammon, chips and peas followed by hot jam tart was very welcomed.

After tea the children had an egg drop! Mrs Whitehouse’s team was victorious! The children are now washed and in their pyjamas watching Horrid Henry and relaxing. Let’s hope we have a peaceful night!

Shelter building and fire starting!

Well, the beds are made – that took some time! We have had lunch and completed our first challenge – shelter building. The children then embarked on making fire using flints, cotton wool and sticks. Although daunted and a bit nervous, they all managed to get their sparks to light and made a fire in the soil. They are having an amazing time!

We’ve arrived!

Wiggins Class have arrived full of excitement and energy to Grendon Outdoor Learning Centre! We had a quick play at Abington Park first, in an attempt to wear them out, and then headed over. We have had a tour and are about to make our beds before lunch and starting our afternoon activities.

Marvellous Muffins

Today some of Wiggins Class participated in a tri-golf festival. They have had a couple of coaching sessions and have all improved their skills, adding another sport to their ever growing repertoire!

Whilst they were at the festival, the rest of us made some delicious muffins. Emma, Finley and Alexander followed a recipe and coped very well in the hot kitchen. I think you will agree that they look very tempting. I hope you and your families enjoy them.