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A Wonderful Week

What a busy week Wiggins Class have had. It was wonderful to get back together and share all the exciting things the children have done during the Easter break – from a holiday in America to birthday parties and swimming days!

We have worked very hard this week learning to read and make the time on our clock faces. We started with o’clock, moved on to half past and will further our understanding in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to check out your My Maths accounts for work.

Some of the class represented school at a sitting volleyball competition too, earning positive comments from the staff who supported them with regards to behaviour and sportsmanship. It is always a privilege to take Wiggins Class to sport tournaments, well done to those children involved.

The sun shone beautifully for us this week so we also managed some time in the great outdoors which was very welcomed. We might have managed to sneak in a cheeky ice lolly too but don’t tell anyone!

I am really looking forward to the coming term and working with the children on our Northampton in Bloom entry too. Busy, busy, busy!


Brilliant Bakers!

Today the children in Wiggins Class each made a loaf of bread. The school was filled with the most delicious smell and plenty of people strolled into the kitchen to check out where the lovely aroma was coming from. I am waiting for my invitation to one of their houses for tea so that I can taste some of the fresh bread! The children were amazed by how much their loaves grew when we left them to prove and a little confused when I explained that the yeast is alive and makes the bread rise!


Lovely Lunch

Yesterday the children in Wiggins Class all sat beautifully together in the hall to have their lunch. There were conversations about Batman, being friends, Harry Potter and the new Peter Rabbit film! They also chatted about their favourite foods and drinks, which were not necessarily all the healthiest options!


Sewing Time!

Today the children practised their sewing skills in readiness for making our hand puppets later in the week. It took patience and resilience to thread the needles with many comments along the lines of “I can’t do it….yet!” The children were amazed how something that looks so easy could actually be so tricky. I was very proud of the way that they never gave up and stuck at it until they completed their practice patches.

I am looking forward to seeing their hand puppets by the end of the next week.

Well done Wiggins Class

Mrs Haigh

Sock Puppets

This week the children designed and made sock puppets. We collected lots of different materials and bits and bobs along with some clean socks then designed and made some wonderful puppets. They all worked very hard to create a character and then used them to develop some speech and language skills. Some of the puppets had very weird names and voices! Lots of fun!

Trip to Wyevale

Today we boarded the minibus and took a trip to Wyevale Garden Centre. We looked for inspiration ready to transform our garden area for the Northampton in Bloom competition. The children loved smelling the flowers and herbs in the garden centre and we have decided to have a try at  growing some things that we haven’t done before. If you would like to donate any seeds, compost, bulbs, pots or equipment to help in our mission to transform the school garden again, we would be very grateful.

Whilst there we had a wander into the aquatics centre too. We have been finding out about different animals in our science work and the children loved watching the fish. They asked the man working there some wonderful questions, including “Why don’t fish have eyelids?” Now, that was something I had never even thought about before!

A Fabulous Afternoon of Coding

Today the children in the SU were treated to an afternoon of specialist teaching from the wonderful Digital Leaders at school. We were shown how to program a micro bit with words and pictures and had a fabulous time. They were delighted with their work and we can’t wait to have our next visit. Why not explore the website at home to see what you can do?

Thank you so much to the Digital Leaders for helping to make a fabulous end to our busy week.

Mrs Haigh


On Your Bike!

This week we had some visitors in our Special Unit who came to teach us all about bike safety and how to look after our bikes. We helped to put a bike together, learning the names for all the different parts. Did you know that all bicycles have a triangle shape as the main part of their frame? Have a look at one at home and see if you can spot the triangle.

The children were all given some reflective stickers too and were shown how they glow when they are given some light. We learned so many things during the afternoon but the thing we already knew was that cycling is good for our fitness and fun too, so get on your bikes!

Mrs Haigh

A Trip to the Panto

What a privilege it was for the staff today who took the SU classes to watch Cinderella, the Milton Keynes pantomime. The performance was amazing – a flying coach to take Cinders to the ball, two real horses, Tess and Claudia as the ugly stepsisters and the Fairy Gokmother – what more could we want?! The children really entered into the spirit of things, shouting, singing, booing, clapping and dancing, it was such a treat.

Is it wrong to be looking forward to next year’s pantomime already?

Mrs Haigh