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Brilliant Boccia!

Today Wiggins Class took part in a town boccia tournament at Duston Sports Centre. It is a wonderful sport that the children have been playing within their timetable for the past year or so. Their skills, practise and determination really paid off today with one of our two teams making it through to the next round after coming first in their group. I am so proud of them and can’t wait for them to compete in the next part of the competition. Go Team Wiggins!

Mrs Haigh

Everyone is different, everyone is special.

This week Wiggins Class have been engaged in Anti-Bullying Week activities. Today we found out lots of ways in which the children are the same and even more ways in which they are different from each other.

Some of them love home learning, some don’t!

Most of them love singing, a couple don’t.

All of them love pizza!

The children decided that it is good to have things in common with each other and just as good to be different.

I wonder if you can think of ways in which you are different to most of your friends.


Today the children really enjoyed watching Pinocchio, acted out by a travelling theatre company who were visiting school. They were captivated by the actors, their quick costume changes and the scenery transformations. We have been learning the story over the past week and will be developing their skills of character writing. I am hoping that the fear of their noses growing will continue to keep the children on the straight and narrow!


Super Soup!

Today the children in Wiggins Class ate their super soup that they made the week before half term. It has been in the freezer waiting for them!

“It’s scrumptious!” said Alexander.

“So yummy!” said Blue.

“Wicked!” Emma declared.

Samuel thought it was “awesome!”

Finley agreed with Blue and said it was “yummy!”

Jessica said “tasty and delicious!”

Overall, it was a big healthy hit with the children. I am so proud of the children’s cooking skills as they are becoming more and more independent in the kitchen. Well done Wiggins!


Which materials make good umbrellas?


Wiggins Class conducted an experiment to see whether paper, foil, fabric or plastic were good materials for making umbrellas. The children happily stood under real umbrellas whilst I poured water on them but there were less volunteers when the only thing over their heads was paper! They soon understood which were the best materials for the job!


Where do materials come from?

Today the children in Wiggins Class looked at lots of different materials and described them using some very fancy words! They then tried to decide where different materials come from. Did you know that diamonds come from the ground and that glass is made from sand? We discovered lots of interesting facts together and will continue with our work on materials in future science lessons.