A fantastic forest adventure!

This morning we had a fabulous walk through Salcey Forest together. On arrival, the birds were singing, the sun was shining and the children were bursting with excitement. We had great fun splashing in the very muddy puddles and most of the children didn’t even mind when the water went inside their wellies! We ventured to the top of the Tree Top Walk and marvelled at how high we had come and how far we could see. 

Once back in the car park we sat and had a drink from the cafe and spoke about how lucky we had been with the weather and then the heavens promptly opened! 

Another lovely outing for Wiggins Class. 


Hanging on to the summer!

What a gorgeous morning we had in Abington Park today. The minibus journey alone always yields a wealth of speech and language and today was no exception. The children chatted excitedly with each other in anticipation of what we would do at the park, ideas ranging from seeing bears to climbing trees! After collecting leaves, sketching, coming within just a few steps of dozens of squirrels, doing impressions of the peacocks and exploring the sensory garden, the children played happily on the roundabout, slides, climbing frames and swings. 

All the staff agreed how lucky we are to be able to share such lovely times with our fabulous children in Wiggins Class. 



Super Sentences!

Today Wiggins Class have been concentrating on describing a setting. We are using pictures from a book to really develop our writing and use of adjectives. The book will last for three weeks but the children haven’t seen the book or heard the story yet. We are using lots of Drama for Writing conventions and today we went on a “guided tour” of the African village where our story is set. The use of descriptive language was great as the children described the pictures from the village to their blindfolded partner! Take a look at their sentences and see if you know which story we are discovering. 


Busy, busy, busy!

What a fabulous morning in Wiggins Class today! 

By half past nine all the children had their rock cakes in the oven so we had time to continue making the school garden more beautiful. I am incredibly proud of how industrious the children are all being and how determined they are to transform the pond area. Please take a look over the fence and see all the hard work they have been doing. It won’t be long until our judges are with us to let us know how we have got on with the Northampton in Bloom competition. 


African Animals

Today we have been working hard making power points about African animals. The children worked with a partner and together chose the animal that they wanted to research. Did you know that there is such a thing as a Spiderman lizard? We found out lots about lions, zebras, lizards and rhinos. We are going to present our power points to each other when they are finished. 

Life in Kenya

Today a friend of mine who grew up in Kenya came in to talk to the children about the Kenyan way of life. The children thought of lots of questions to ask her and were fascinated by some of the answers. Did you know that they don’t have McDonald’s in Kenya but they do have KFC? Also, primary school is compulsory and starts at 8am and sometimes finishes as late as 6pm. We learned so much from Bilhah and it made us think of even more things to try and find out. We are definitely going to look up Sauti Sol who sound like Kenya’s equivalent to One Direction! 

Anna Hibiscus’ Song

Today we shared a wonderful story about a little girl who lives in Africa called Anna Hibiscus. She lives with her family and is so happy she feels she might explode! We used the story to create a fabulous drama involving dancing, singing, cartwheeling…. Whatever next?! Then we tried to write all the things we know about her from the story and thought of some questions we would ask if we met her. 

The children worked so hard. I wonder what you do to show you are feeling happy!  


What does Africa mean to you?

What an amazing day! The children and staff arrived at school dressed as explorers ready to start their incredible African journey. 

We kicked off the day with a school assembly about the seven realms of Africa and are eagerly waiting to find out which realm we will be studying. Watch out at 5pm on the Enchanted Kingdom blog to find out which one we are given. 

We asked the question “What does Africa mean to you?” The children gave some incredible responses ranging from the types of animals you might find there to the problems of dirty water. We are looking forward to exploring all their ideas in the coming weeks.

We have had such a busy morning painting African masks, playing African drums and listening to tranquil music. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!  


Welcome back to Wiggins Class!

Happy New Year!

Yesterday we started back full of energy and enthusiasm and headed straight over to the swimming pool at Danes Camp. The children were fabulous and showed great confidence in the water. We will swim every Tuesday morning this term and I am looking forward to seeing the progress everyone will make. I must remember my hairdryer next week!

Mrs Haigh